Water quality issues in some areas of the neighborhood are due to repairs made at Water Plant No. 1 located behind the MUD office. Hays Utility, the operator for the District, has flushed all main lines to correct the problem. You may clear your house lines by starting with your largest bathroom upstairs. Begin with the bathtub, including the hot water. Once clear, run the sink faucet. Repeat for all remaining tubs and faucets upstairs. Clear all faucets downstairs, including the kitchen. Make sure the faucets run long enough to empty the water heater. Be sure to include refrigerator water and to cycle the freezer ice maker, dishwasher, and washing machines. The water has been tested and contains normal levels of residual chlorine disinfectant. If the problem persists after your house lines have been flushed, please call our operator, Hays Utility, at 281-353 9809.