The New Northampton Directory is Now Available Online!!!

Northampton Directory (External Link)

Please follow these tips when creating your sign-in information for the directory:

  • In order to protect your privacy, the Directory is available to Northampton residents only.
  • To view the directory you must first register, after which you may access the directory with your chosen user name and password.
  • Your registration requires you to provide your water bill account number (XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX), name, and address as they appear on your water bill (i.e., please use Dr, not Dr. or Drive).
  • DO NOT use the same user name or email address you may have used to sign up for the Northampton Maintenance Fund website. Please create a unique sign in name.
  • Please use only your five digit zip code.

You will also be required to provide your email address in the registration. Be assured, your email address will not be sold, or provided to any vendor. Once you have provided the required information, you will be prompted to set up a user name and password. The directory allows you to search by last name or street name.

We urge you to review your profile and edit as necessary. For example, if you wish for your email address to not be displayed in the directory, you must edit your profile whereby you uncheck the box called “check for public”. If the “opt out” people wish to access the directory, please call our office to create an account.

You may speak with Phillip or Lisa at Northampton MUD 281-376-3499 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for participating in the Northampton Directory!