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New Splash Pad on the Way!

Beginning just after the July the 4th holiday, Northampton MUD will begin construction of a splash pad adjacent to the Inway Pool. This addition will add a fun and exciting change for our younger pool users. Unfortunately, this activity will require us to close the pool for approximately three weeks. The question has been asked “Why close the pool in the summer?’ 1. We wanted to get some use of the new feature this season and 2. July and early August are the periods of lowest use. During this period swim team is over, lessons have wound down, many are on vacation and the heat is unbearable on the deck and parking lot. Even the water temperature exceeds 92 degrees. We should have several weeks of great weather for breaking in the new splash pad.

During this work the fitness center, playground, and park will be business as usual. Northcrest Pool will easily handle the displaced users for a few weeks.

Free Rain Sensors for Residents

Northampton residents enjoy an ever-shrinking commodity… large yards. But this amenity comes with a price: More lawn to water = higher water bills. Often our large yards are watered too often and for too long with water frequently running off into the streets. With the cost of water rising and aquifers depleting, we need to be diligent in reducing our water consumption.

The EPA estimates that about 30% of residential water usage is devoted to outdoor uses. To help residents conserve water, the District is supplying free rain sensors to residents who would like to install them on their automatic sprinkler system. A sprinkler rain sensor operates via a gauge mounted on an external arm, that is mounted on a fence or roof gutter near your lawn or garden, attached to the sprinkler system. Disks inside the gauge absorb water and expand more as rain continues falling. These send a message to the sprinkler system controller, interrupting the electronic signal that turns on the sprinklers. The signal is blocked until the disks shrink again to their dry size. The sprinkler controller then receives the start signal, and resumes its spraying schedule.

Estimates vary, but a rain sensor could save you as much as 30% to 45% in outdoor water consumption!

To receive your free rain sensor, please visit the MUD office, M-F 8:30- 4:30.

In Memoriam of Bill Black

April 12, 1942 – April 25, 2017

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our good friend and colleague, Director Bill Black.

A Northampton resident for over 35 years, Bill tirelessly served on the MUD Board for some 16 years. To say he was passionate about his duties as a Director is simply not sufficient to describe his contributions. Since he was appointed to the Board in 1999, he has been an active part of every project the Board has undertaken, not just because he was a civil engineer, but because he truly cared about Northampton and its residents. West Park was conceived by Bill as a means to alleviate flooding on the ABC & D streets at the entrance of Northampton, which provided the setting for the Board to build a beautiful park with walking paths for the residents. Bill spearheaded the expansion of the tennis courts, redevelopment of the current weight room and the new waste water treatment. The last project he was able to see to completion was the construction of the bridge across the M103 drainage creek back at the Inway walking trails. You have to see it to believe it!

Bill was a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and various mission groups at Klein United Methodist Church, including the mentoring program at Schultz Elementary, where he was loved by his mentees.

Bill is survived by his wife of 52 years, Mary Lou, his 3 sons Andy (wife Laurie) Black, Alan (wife Annmarie) Black, Jimmy (wife Tara) Black, and 5 grandchildren.

Bill’s thoughtful influence will be felt in our community for years to come.

Directors, Northampton MUD

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