Letter of Rental Request

For your health and safety, we encourage you to wear masks and practice social distancing. Maximum occupancy allowed for the Community Center is 80 people and the Activity Building is 24 people. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental buildings and pavilions are for Northampton, Hampton Creek, Stratton Woods, Inway Oaks and Dovershire Place residents only.

You must be a Northampton MUD resident to reserve any of our facilities.

Please fill out the form below; this form is only a preliminary to rental. You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been approved. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for a response. The form must be approved by MUD personnel.

Unable to access or submit this form online? Don’t worry give us a call at 281-376-3499, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Asterisk (*) indicates required field.

    * Will alcohol be served?

    Facility Rules:

    • Buildings should be closed and locked by 1:00am
    • All personal items and rental items must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of each event.
    • The Facility must be cleaned immediately following the event unless you are paying to have it cleaned.
    • No alcoholic beverages at any pool function.
    • No firearms or fireworks allowed.
    • No rice, glitter, confetti, or piñatas in buildings or on park grounds.
    • No red or purple drinks as they stain carpet.
    • Smoking and vaping is prohibited inside of buildings.
    • Decorations are limited to table centerpieces or free-standing items only. DO NOT use tape, thumb tacks or other objects that may damage the walls, ceilings, or windows.
    • Pets are not allowed except as necessary to assist the disabled.
    • Fundraising activities are restricted to nonprofit organizations and must have prior approval.
    • Facility use is restricted to those activities designated in the original request.
    • Facilities must be returned to the same condition as prior to rental, and under all circumstances, clean and secured.
    • Children under 18 years of age must be supervised at all times.
    • Insurance which names the Northampton Municipal Utility district as additionally insured must be furnished upon the request of the Board of Directors.
    • Tables and chairs are to be carried and not pulled across flooring.
    • Tables and chairs should be cleaned and folded, then taken down and placed in the closet.
    • Trash placed in cans provided.
    • Lights turned off.
    • Buildings will be inspected and any violations to the facility rules may result in loss of deposit.

    I agree to the rental policies listed above.
    I am a Resident and accept full responsibility for the event requested.

    The District can, at any time, revoke the privilege of use of the facilities by any person or persons due to misconduct or violation of any of the rules and regulations as set forth by the District. In the event of any such action, any user fee paid will not be refunded.