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Keeping an Eye on Your Water – Smart Meters

The Northampton MUD recently approved the installation of smart water meters.  These systems help residents make informed decisions about their water usage and help improve water conservation. Additionally, these meters utilize electronic sensors to measure water flow and are more accurate, especially during low flow usage.  Beginning in December, the District will begin replacing the old mechanical meters with new digital ones.  Hays Utility South Corporation will begin installation of the new meters in the older homes and move northward through the subdivision to the newer homes.  Scheduled completion is late 2018.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart meters allow residents the ability to track their water usage and provide benefits including:

  • Accurate meter recording and access to your account via the web or smart phone
  • Your meter readings are taken consistently on the same day each month, so you can predict your billing
  • You can follow your consumption hourly to track your highest usage periods for conservation
  • A graphic depiction of your water use will enable you to minimize use during those times; i.e., shorten your irrigation time, or wash only full loads of dishes or clothing
  • You can monitor and adjust water usage to stay within a billing price tier
  • Leak detection in your household

App for Smart Meter

The Eye on Water app offers customers the ability to keep an “Eye on Their Water” thereby assisting in conversation and cost reduction.  Once installed you will be able to register on-line to monitor your water use.  Flow is measured electronically at hour intervals, and updated every 24 hours for billing and leak detection.  There is also an app available for smartphones from iTunes and GooglePlay, allowing you to check your meter from your iPhone or Android at any time.  You will receive instructions on how to use the software in an invite letter after meter installation.

Once you have your new smart meter, go to to register.  For detailed information about your new meter and the “Eye on Water” program, please visit


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