During the week of June 24, Hays Utility, the District’s Operator, will be performing a flushing of the water distribution lines as a part of the regular maintenance of the system.

Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) is an excellent, water-efficient method of cleaning water distribution pipes to improve water quality and restore capacity. The premise is simple: develop a plan that flushes water from a clean source through the water line pipe and out, working in one direction and one segment at a time. By cutting off other flows, scouring velocities of greater than 3 feet per second are achieved. At these velocities, the moving water “scours” out sediment, biofilm, corrosion products, and tuberculation. Not only is UDF a more effective way of cleaning than conventional flushing, but it uses on average about 40 percent less water than conventional flushing. Equally important, the sediment, corrosion products and biofilm are flushed out and not just moved to another pipe run that’s often the case in conventional flushing.

Residents may experience drops in pressure during flushing activities, but water service should not be interrupted. If you experience any major taste, odor, or color changes occur during flushing activities, please contact the District’s Operator at 281-353-9809.