Water Supply

Water Supply2023-10-09T15:15:00-05:00
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

Northampton MUD brings drinking water to the meter in a utility easement adjacent to your home and maintains a waste water system that begins in a main line in a separate utility easement by your home. We also contract with trash and recycling companies for the district.

If you are interested in learning more about the utilities supplied by the Northampton MUD, group tours can be arranged through the MUD office at 281-376-3499.

Rate Order for Water and Sewer Usage2023-08-22T10:13:02-05:00

The sewer rate is a flat fee of $24.35 per month. Below is the current graduated rate order for water.

Water Quality Report2024-06-06T09:30:43-05:00

The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission annually evaluates our water quality and determines if it is safe to drink. Please see the latest TNRCC report for the Northampton MUD below.

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