HB 872 Utility Disclosure Form2022-02-02T11:05:08-06:00
District Financial Information2023-01-05T09:46:05-06:00
District Tax Information2023-01-04T12:18:25-06:00
Order Setting Tax Rate2023-01-03T15:51:48-06:00
Rate Order for Water and Sewer Usage2023-02-14T13:36:40-06:00

The sewer rate is a flat fee of $24.35 per month. Below is the current graduated rate order for water.

Board of Directors2019-09-03T11:58:17-05:00
Public Information Request2019-08-30T18:12:42-05:00

To request information, please direct your request to or mail or hand deliver your request to:

Northampton Municipal Utility District
6012A Root Road
Spring, TX 77389

Landowner Bill of Rights2019-08-30T18:11:06-05:00
Energy Consumption Reports2019-08-30T18:09:43-05:00
Elections – Directors2022-04-06T16:04:15-05:00
Elections – Bonds2019-08-30T17:33:09-05:00

The District does not currently have a pending bond election.

Date of Public Hearing for Tax Rate2022-09-21T14:33:24-05:00
District Map2019-08-30T17:28:27-05:00

District Contact Information2019-08-30T17:24:43-05:00

Northampton MUD
6012A Root Road
Spring, TX 77389
(281) 376-3499

The District’s Email Address is

Conflict of Interest Disclosures2021-03-05T11:08:34-06:00
Board Meetings and Documents2019-08-30T17:20:04-05:00
Water Quality Report2022-05-31T15:52:26-05:00

The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission annually evaluates our water quality and determines if it is safe to drink. Please see the latest TNRCC report for the Northampton MUD below.

Electric and Natural Gas Consumption Report2021-05-05T10:56:11-05:00
Recreation Renewal Form2019-06-13T15:32:52-05:00

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