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This is Northampton MUD with an important message. We understand you are preparing for the upcoming freezing temperatures but Please do NOT drip your faucets. Dripping faucets could put a strain on the system in these types of events resulting in low pressure. Please take all necessary precautions to protect your pipes and water related devices. Here are a few reminders and tips:


Check sprinkler or irrigation systems
Make sure you’ve turned everything off and fully drained the system.

Identify your home’s freezing points
Check your home for pipes in areas that might be prone to freezing, such as crawl spaces, unheated rooms, basements, garages, and exterior walls.

Protect your pipes
Where pipes are exposed to cold, wrap them with insulation or heat tape (even fabric or newspaper can help).

Strengthen your defenses
Eliminate sources of cold air near water lines by closing off crawl spaces, fixing drafty windows, insulating walls and attics, and plugging drafts around doors.


June 22, 2022 – Stage 1 Drought Contingency

Dear Residents,

Due to the City of Houston triggering their Stage 1 drought contingency plan, the district is also initializing Stage 1 of our drought contingency plan. We request residents to voluntarily minimize water use for non-essential purposes.

Please limit irrigation to the following schedule:

Even Addresses: Sundays and Thursdays, Midnight – 10am and 8pm – Midnight.

Odd Addresses: Saturdays and Wednesdays, Midnight – 10am and 8pm – Midnight.

We will send out further information and updates as needed.

Thank you for conserving water.

June 22, 2022 – Stage 1 Drought Contingency2022-06-22T15:39:55-05:00

February 10, 2022 – New Pool Management Group

Residents of Northampton,

Blue Water recreational services is a proud, new partner of the Northampton Community, and we look forward to caring for the community’s aquatic facilities as your new pool management company. Blue Water is now hiring lifeguards (previously certified or seeking certification). Interested applicants can apply at


Blue Water

February 10, 2022 – New Pool Management Group2022-02-10T14:38:19-06:00
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