March 2, 2021

  • Lisa J. June promoted to General Manager
  • Cherrelle Burkhalter promoted to Assistant General Manager

The MUD board has completed an extensive search for our new General Manager position following the retirement of Jim Sheffield.  After interviewing many candidates, both internal and external, the board voted unanimously to promote Lisa June to General Manager and additionally voted unanimously to promote Cherrelle Burkhalter to Assistant General Manager.

Both Lisa and Cherrelle are long time employees of the MUD district and have always been passionate about serving the district. Their experience will allow us a smooth transition in leadership change and will bring their vision to ensure that the Northampton MUD continues to be an example for other districts to aspire to.

The board has great confidence that Lisa and Cherrelle will do a fantastic job supporting our residents.

Congratulations to Lisa and Cherrelle!