Rate Order for Water and Sewer Usage2018-10-01T16:13:56+00:00

The sewer rate is a flat fee of $24.35 per month. Below is the current graduated rate order for water.

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Water Quality Report2018-03-27T11:37:48+00:00

The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission annually evaluates our water quality and determines if it is safe to drink. Please see the latest TNRCC report for the Northampton MUD below.

Electric and Natural Gas Consumption Report2018-10-22T11:05:07+00:00
Facility User Fee Information2018-02-21T17:02:00+00:00
Financial Report2017-03-02T20:02:45+00:00
Recreation Renewal Form2018-02-21T17:00:35+00:00
Tax Rates on Property Values2017-03-02T20:03:55+00:00